Prof. Jamie Turner

Professor of Mechanical Engineering


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Prof. Turner's interests are primarily in engines and powertrains of all types and the decarbonization of the fuels that they use. 

His main goals are:

  • To establish KAUST as the key research hub in the use of hydrogen for propulsion in transportation;
  • To investigate novel energy conversion approaches and how they interact with hybrid systems;
  • To pursue research promoting the use of e-fuels to decarbonize transportation;
  • To develop multi-disciplinary programs to enhance the penetration rate of renewable energy in transportation through the ability to blend optimized liquid e-fuels with existing fossil formulations.

In doing all of this he hopes to make a meaningful contribution to ensuring society's continued access to transportation in an ultra-low carbon future.

All sessions by Prof. Jamie Turner

Center Projects 1: KAUST Faculty
04:40 PM

40 min presenting & 20 min for questions

Fuel-engine interactions

Prof. Gaetano Magnotti

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Jamie Turner

Professor of Mechanical Engineering