The global reputation of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a top research university attracts partners from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world. Each partner organization has unique challenges but seeks to connect with KAUST’s research excellence and expertise. Engagements span from co-development of projects with the KAUST Research community, working with KAUST Core Lab facilities, and engaging with students. The aim of the partnership is to co-develop new ideas and innovations that can have an impact both within the Kingdom and globally.

Partnerships augment and enrich the research and training focus at the University. Working with partners enables access to industrial challenges and helps to secure resources, tools, and use cases that expand the impact and scope of KAUST’s Research and discovery efforts. Additionally, partnerships help develop a pool of talented students for internships, future careers, and employment.

Finally, partnerships also help facilitate a path for industry experts to hone their skills by accessing expert training opportunities and fellowships at KAUST.